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The Story of Two People on a Mission to Overcome the Trauma of America's Legacy of Slavery
Gather_at_the_table_shop (7K) "Together, Tom and Sharon allow us to be spectators of their story—witnesses to their discomfort, humiliation, and fear—in order to educate us and thus contribute to healing a nation in the throes of racial upheaval."
                –Joy Angela DeGruy, PhD, author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

"Sharon and Tom take us on a heart–opening journey of awakening. As a nation, we owe them a deep bow of gratitude as they help us navigate the deep divides of race and otherness."
                –Belvie Rooks, Co-Founder, Growing A Global Heart

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  • Oral history interviews with five local African American residents
  • Q and A interviews and feature articles about with Kalamazoo citizens of diverse ethnicities
  • Discussion questions for students, families, and Community groups
  • Resources and suggestions for further reading

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A Trail-Blazing Memoir About One Family's Quest to Face Its Slave-Trading Past and an Urgent Call for Reconciliation
InheritingTheTrade Inheriting the Trade is the unique story of Thomas Norman DeWolf's experiences during the making of the documentary feature film Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North. He is one of ten family members who participated in this powerful journey.

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2009 History Detectives Oral History Project Book
History_Detectives_Oral_History_Book Quotes, photographs, and biographies of eleven members of Kalamazoo's African American community.

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Autobiography of Kalamazoo's First Black Surgeon
Black_Surgeon (11K) Born in 1900 and living through much of the 20th century, Cornelius Allen Alexander was witness to the dramatic changes that swept the world during his lifetime. Born into poverty as the grandson of a slave, he overcame many hurdles to graduate from the University of Chicago medical school. His contributions to social and professional life in southwestern Michigan were widely recognized.

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